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Warning To The “New Blood”


A truly historic election took place Nov 2 2010 but lets make something very clear regardless of what party you affiliate yourself with. Whether you are a republican, socialist (democrat), independent etc. your platform THIS year has been about correcting all the problems (out of control spending, balancing budget, border security, jobs etc) of America. Understand this, this platform you ran on better be exactly what you deliver in office. The majority of the new blood who won was republican, reclaiming the House and closing the gap in the Senate. Many are citing a rebirth has taken place in the Republican Party and that’s fine. BUT, this is your last shot for the party, you blow this, not follow through on the platform you have been campaigning on for over a year, 2 things are going to happen: 1) It will destroy the party once and for all! If you new republicans do not truly change the agenda in DC, continuing business as usual and start making excuses; you will have destroyed what is left of the party.  2) The American People WILL COME FOR YOU! We will do everything within our power to remove you from office, scrutinize every facet of your life and make your life miserable, civil within the rule of law. You won’t want to come out of your home!

Do not take this lightly and do not take this as a threat it is a promise.

For the country as a whole, this is the second time “at bat” to fix this nation. The election of 2008 was the first strike as many regret the decisions they made in the voter booth from local all the way up to their Presidential choice. All of you new candidates that won Nov 2, 2010  need to completely understand that this is a trial run; you are on probation for the next 2 years.

The people of America are on the edge and ready for “blood” at this point on both sides of the fence, or haven’t you seen the news lately? You take what little trust we have left and run it into the ground I can guarantee all of you the people will be on a MASSIVE warpath against every single one of you! The witch hunt over the last year against the socialist party will be nothing compared to what will come your way. You have seen the power of the people and the votes show it. The socialist party got a clear taste of this power of the people, the ass beating they got will be a slap in the face from a baby in comparison to what YOU will be facing if you do not change the direction of this country and betray the people. Now we do understand that the Pres has veto power and could pull the plug on any measures you may legislate through, we know this. That isn’t an excuse for you to not pursue everything you have/ are promising the people to do to get voted into office. If the out of control spending, restrictions on business (which forces many of them to go overseas) and countless other bad decisions made to this day along with restrictions on ones liberty continue under your watch be forewarned...


Resign now if you are not prepared to follow through on your campaign promises to stop the out of control spending, balance the budget, secure our borders and the countless other issues you asked the people to vote for you on. If you cannot resist the pressures from within party lines, we hear about how many of you will be co-opted, that will make you vote against your views, and the views of the people that put you in office then step down now. Many of you still to this day do not realize how bad the pressure (of this “powder keg”) is that the US is under. The American people have been pushed from both sides over the years its only a matter of time till we start pushing back!

Do what’s right, use your head and make smart decisions. This is not a game, this is our lives you all seem to be playing with.

Its not business either, its personal… remember that everyday you go to work for us!

~ BMartin 1776