I’m not a libertarian.... not a republican, democrat nor do I even consider myself an independent as they too have been hijacked by radicals. I do not believe in political correctness. If you are looking for an advocate or a crusader of these things, and candidates of which, you are in the wrong place.

I do not believe in the party system just like George Washington.

I'm an American. A very tired, angry, royally screwed over American who has had it with all of them. Like the character portrayed in the movie The Patriot, I was one not wanting to get involved but circumstance of “life” forced me to get involved. Like many of you I was once asleep, after 9/11 I started to get informed where thought I knew things. It wasn’t until my hand was officially forced (falling victim) to get involved during the the economic collapse of 2007-08 my road of enlightenment began. I started following politics and once was an advocate for the Republican movement. As the presidential election rolled in things began to change I got smarter and by the time Obama was inaugurated I was neutral with parties, candidates and politicians. I saw how manipulative the parties were, but I also took notice how the independents, and those who patron them, were just as bad. I guess you could label me a political atheist as Gerald Celente likes to put it.

The election forced me to do more investigating and get more involved. I learned that they are nothing but the 2 faces of the progressive beast as time went on. You must by now see that the parties are the same, like two tennis players and we the people are the little fuzzy yellow ball being hit back and forth by them!

Majority of them are career politicians, regardless of their intentions they are bad for the nation. They are proponents of this and that yet are guilty of abusing this and that! Whether its tax reform to wanting term limits they say one thing and do another. How can one be for term limits yet hold office for 20-30 years?! There are several high profile politicians guilty of this. That said I am American who will speak the truth tell you things you don't want to hear. An American who has seen the THE LIGHT, seen the real world, sees the double talk and what's written between the lines. An American who sees where this country is headed, its not good either. An American with a grasp on reality who because I have no party affiliation, will not endorse any candidate (at this time) that stands alone against the destroyers of this nation. This site is not what many assume it to be, it is my way of showing the people they have the power to take back their nation. I am building, creating an ideology to take on the radical machine hell bent on destroying the America we all know and grew up under. Learn more about the STR Philosophy.

I’ll say this if you love this country, everything it has to offer and are upset with everything going on you feel is stopping the opportunities this nation was built on to do and be whatever you want then we have a lot in common. I am a big fan of movies and many times like to use them to express myself. So if the above isnt enough hang tight more to come in the future via a video...

Stay vigilant, embrace the truth in everything you do, be honest and true to yourself and family. They cannot take that away from us no matter what is thrown our way.

~ BMartin1776 ... is a reference to the lead character in The Patriot. A man who didnt want to get involved but due to overwhelming circumstances was forced into 1776 American Revolution. It's the pseudonym for Saving the Republic's key author(s) used to mask their identities.

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