Thank You Barack Obama!

I would like, on behalf of all red blooded Americans, to thank Barack Obama. Why some are probably asking? 

Well because of you Barack Obama, 

  1. real change is coming to America unlike the “Change” promised during your presidential campaign in ’08. Change no one ever expected and not the bad change you are forcing onto the country through your socialist agenda with this corrupt Congress pushing it through against the will of the people! The change we have to thank you for is more Americans are getting in touch with themselves and learning about who they are and what they truly stand for. 

  2. more Americans are learning about our Constitution and Founding Fathers. 

  3. people who normally would sit back and do nothing are now getting involved with their communities. 

  4. people who didn’t know are learning that this country is NOT a democracy but a Republic, as our Founding Fathers intended which you, our elected leaders, are trying to change.

  5. the people of this country are reassessing what is and isn't important, the things people considered necessity are no longer a priority. People would rather be out of debt now than have a big screen tv. People would rather have money in the bank for their retirement and children's future than eat out every day of the week, have an expensive car or some other thing of luxury. Families are coming together, spending more time with each other.

  6. parents are paying attention to who and what is being taught to their children.

  7. people who normally would never consider running for political office or getting involved with politics are now making it their life goal. 

  8. people who normally are not big readers are now reading more and more than they ever did. They are buying books educating themselves on economics and learning about our Founding Fathers. More importantly learning about this countries REAL history and those who in the past deemed great leaders were in fact not so great trying to rewrite history; Pres’ Franklin D Roosevelt & Woodrow Wilson. 

  9. people are learning more about world history and the radical leaders, Mao & Chavez, in other lands whom are the inspiration of some individuals in this country. Radical individuals who oddly are tied to your administration, this helps open a window as to what you and your administration is all about. For example, people are learning that Che Guevara whose image is printed on t-shirts worn by many who follow you or comment that he was a great revolutionary leader really wasn’t that great of a guy.

  10. the main stream media has defined and exposed themselves as radicals; this in turn has been encouragement for Americans to seek out the truth to dig deep on issues. It has created more informed citizens than ever before not relying on the nightly newsman/woman to get them the facts.. 

  11. the people of this land now find themselves reading the bIlls you and other elected leaders should be reading but are not. Oddly "we the people" tend to know more about a bill than you our elected leaders!?!? By the way if you and Congress don’t know what is in these bills who is writing them??

  12. “we the people” now know you have special interest groups, like the Apollo Alliance taking credit for the stimulus bill, write the bills our elected leaders are suppose to be writing!

  13. special interest groups have exposed themselves and their radical agendas. A year ago no one knew what ACORN or SEIU were about. Today thanks to you “we the people” are aware of and watching them along with all the other special interest groups.

  14. the progressive movement, once in the shadows, is now exposed as you all try to rewrite Americas history and its future.

  15. people are researching/ investigating all candidates at all levels of government before casting a vote for them. The people have learned just because someone speaks well does not mean they can govern well. They now understand that one MUST have legitimate real world experience than just an Ivy League Pedigree to be a leader.

  16. and this radical agenda where some has become law, many lifelong politicians are now resigning, realizing they have destroyed their careers pushing such an agenda. So thank you for making them just go away!

  17. radical corrupt politicians who are onboard with your agenda have exposed themselves for the self serving, arrogant, Constitution burning individuals they truly are!

  18. true Patriots like Lt. Col. Allen West, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Peter Schiff etc are rising in the spotlight and speaking up.

  19. this country is finally waking up.


But don’t flatter yourself its because of you and what those who follow you stand for the people of the USA are doing these things.

"We the people" will bring it to an end, never allowing it to happen ever again, so once more....

THANK YOU Barack Obama!

~ BMartin 1776