Letter to the Republican Party

Dearest Republican Representative(s),

From time to time you have written opinion articles or gone on various tv news interviews affirming your stand to take back America.

"We the people" appreciate the stand you take, HOWEVER what have you truly done to stop this machine? How many walkouts have you initiated? How many government "shutdowns" did you start? How many investigations into your questionable "colleagues" on the other side did you initiate? How many sit-ins have you sponsored? How many times have you been arrested for your views? We have seen several of your colleagues locked up recently for their beliefs over the immigration issue... they were prepared for the consequence of jail time for what they believe what about you?

Talk, talk, talk is all we hear from Mr. Pence, Ms. Bachman, Mr. King and Mr. Boehner etc etc yet  NO ACTION from any of these people! When will the republicans in DC get a spine and take a stand with the corrupt socialist party (formerly democratic as of 3/21/10)? The American people are tired, tired of the lies, over spending, deceit and empty promises. Tired of hearing "we are going to fight this" from the republican party; yea with words again and more whining? “We the people” want to see actual actions not threats of/ or silly letters being sent because your opposition DOES NOT CARE WHAT WE SAY, LET ALONE WHAT YOU SAY! The republicans are the only ones right now who can start something of a "physical" nature to stop the radical, power grabbing, spending crazy DC machine. So tell me, tell us, when will the republicans be staging a walkout? Hmmm? WHEN? When will criminal charges be filed at those you know damn well belong behind bars for dodging taxes, taking bribes or GOD knows what else they have done? When will the republicans start outing those who are corrupt?

Our Founding Fathers signed their own death warrant for what they believed, it was called The Declaration of Independence. They had the guts to put their lives on the line for what they believed WHEN WILL YOU DO THAT? When will republicans literally put their lives/careers on the line if need be? Are you prepared to do what is necessary to save this Republic? Correct me if Im wrong but didn't each and every one of you TAKE AN OATH to this country to defend it and DIE for it if necessary? No, we aren't asking you to start violence but to put yourself, your career, your reputation on the line to the same degree as our Founding Fathers did... HELL YES!

So when should "We the People" expect this uprising of the republican party?

We are waiting...........

~ BMartin1776