3/23/10 Obama Signs Health Care Bill Into LAW

4/8/10 Obama Signs Nuclear Treaty With Russia, Systematically Disarming Amerika

4/12/10 Obama Bows AGAIN To Another Leader

5/20/10 Mexican Pres. Calderon (hypocrite) Trashes America... While Obama Stands Idly By Silent

6/21/10 Obama Signs Financial Reform Bill Into Law

8/13/10 Obama Takes Sides (With Muslims) Over The Ground Zero Mosque

9/17/10 Obama Appoints Another Radical, Elizabeth Warren, To Run New Consumer Agency

9/23/10 Obama Appoints Anti-Gun Proponent As Representative To UN General Assembly

11/1/10 TSA Begins Invasive Pat Downs And Uses Body Scanners

12/21/10 FCC’s Net Neutrality Is Passed Giving Government Power To Control Internet

12/22/10 Socialist Controlled Senate Along With 13 RINO’s Ratify START Treaty

12/29/10 Obama Bypasses Senate Uses Executive Powers To Name New Envoys

5/19/11 Obama “Throws Israel Under the Bus”; Suggests Going Back To 1967 Border Lines

5/23/11 Congress Silent As Obama Ignores War Power Act

5/27/11 Obama ‘Signs’ Patriot Act Extension Using Auto Pen

6/15/11 Obama Defies Congress Over War Powers Act Continues US Role In Libya

Does Congress Matter Anymore?