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Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America...

is More Like...

Systematically Destroying the United States of America

Short YouTube Version

Yes, BHO is the focus point but what’s happening is because it is HIS policies that are being pushed through. Like a captain of a ship, or a CEO of a company the final level of blame or responsibility lies with them. They can either stop things or enable them; Congress passes a bill the President can veto or sign it. That being said everything that is happening to this country NOW, since the day he took office is HIS. This is HIS “Show” regardless of the attempts of the administration, congress, main stream media and special interest groups pointing the finger of blame at everyone but themselves. HISTORY will not remember what the components of this mess said. HISTORY will record and remember these trying controversial times as HIS, BHOs. History does not go back and look at what this Senator or that Senator did during the Reagan, Carter, Johnson, FDR etc years. HISTORY records them as the Reagan, Carter Johnson, FDR etc years.

This fundamental transformation he promised, where we see things playing out day after day, is more like a systematic destruction. (*note there is way too much material to put in one vid) Let’s be clear it’s not just about him, it is all of them, but HE represents our government during this time period. He, like a captain or CEO, represents all of them and truly has the final say. History will not remember what Keith Olbermann cried out about, the tingling Chris Matthews got up his leg when he listened to BHO speak or the countless acts of bribery (they call it lobbying) we see in government (and the list of “charges” can go on and on). History will remember what this government and president have done to this great nation as a whole. What HE does directly or indirectly via Congress (who carries out his agenda) defines us, our times.