America, What’s your problem?

Look at the headlines....
National ID Card Being Considered By Senators
House Democrats looking at ‘Slaughter Solution’ to pass Obamacare without a vote on Senate bill 
Chefs Call Proposed New York Salt Ban ‘Absurd’

Now click on the play button....

Hear that? Listen to that tick tock tick tock... yes, yes its from ’24’, but that is time ticking away while more and more garbage is piled up on the American people by the corrupt in DC and those who support them, the special interest groups and bias fringe media.

What the HELL is the matter with you Amerika? So how long will it be Amerika, how long will it be ‘til you wake up? Yes I am aware I spelled Amerika with a ‘K’, at the rate that clock is counting someday the ‘k’ will be a reality as this country slips more and more into a socialist even communist state where the USA could become the USSA!

I do not understand the complacency of fellow Americans. Everywhere I go people are talking about how mad they are, yet won’t speak up!? Americans are allegedly angry about:
 losing their jobs
 more taxes being imposed or proposed to pay for unsustainable spending
 politicians not listening to them
 bailing out companies that should be allowed to fail
 government increasing it’s power
.. the list goes on and on.

I'm confused there are so many that are upset yet you are silent? What is this zombie mentality people in the US have since the election of ’08? THIS...

... is what “We the People” were given the privilege... ‘scuse me right to do! Yet the streets of DC and state capitols aren’t shut down by all the alleged angry Americans? The Iranian people are fighting against a corrupt regime and are doing more protests with numbers clearly dwarfing anything that has ever taken place in the US!

Do you like that the admin fires people at will at times possibly illegally!?(ex. GM CEO or Inspector General Walpin)
Do you like the idea that your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying for all of this out of control spending? 
Do you like the 30+ czars that have been appointed, some possibly illegally appointed? (See US Const. Art. 2 Sec. 2 Para 2) 
Do you like your tax dollars going to bailout corporations while you sink further into debt; potentially losing your car, home everything you have worked hard for? 
Do you like the government taking over the auto & banking industry? 
Do you want Congress and career politicians dictating your healthcare? 
Do you like the Fed (who is the cause of a lot of this mess) being given more power? 
Do you like all this power the government is giving itself?
Do you like how this corrupt government is systematically chipping away at the Constitution? Heck they even consider those who support it are now radical and dangerous!

Need I continue with the list of absurdities going on pushing this country to a socialist, fascist potentially communist state. I’m confused I see it day in and day out of good Americans who are true blood democrats, republicans and independent who are upset yet do nothing. Look across the world to the middle east and you have these people, common Iranian people, JUST LIKE YOU putting their lives on the line against a corrupt even tyrannical evil regime. 

Those SOB’s in DC can careless of how many letters they get via snail mail or emailed or if their phone lines get tied up they will just use their cell or another secured line! Barbara Boxers display of arrogance is a clear example of their mindset! Think about it for a second its like the feuds people, yourself with the average Joe/Jane, have over politics, do those words really make you change your position when you have gotten into heated arguments/discussions? Most people don’t, they see the other sides view but many times stand their ground on their position. In its most simplest form its like name calling, when its all said and done people go right back to status quo. DC doesn't care, as I posted on the tea party movement they wont care until something happens that directly screws their day to day life. Massive, I mean massive protests is what needs to be done, this is why I use images from Iran, as these protests are bringing day to day life to a standstill. They have it right and have their leaders attention, unfortunately violence was brought into the mix.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” 
  ~ Thomas Jefferson 

America you are not united, and until there is unity nothing will change, nothing will change until the streets of DC and state capitols look like this 


(again we're talking massive protests that’s all, anyone even thinking violence you are a problem not a solution) 

Not a fan of him but Shepherd Smith of Fox News said something very strong during Fox’s coverage of the Iranian protests last year, that in the US you can stand on a rooftop and scream out "death to the powers at be" and nothing will happen to that person or group of people for screaming out their feelings. In Iran they are in fact doing that, they are being locked up and many have died! Now heres the problem as angry as Americans are about everything, NO ONE IS ON THE ROOFTOPS SCREAMING THEY HAVE HAD IT, ENOUGH ALREADY DC STOP! Why is it people that are oppressed who have NO Bill of Rights know what to do and the people born in the "land of the free, home of the brave" keep taking it in the ass with Hope and Change. Gerald Celente says "Hope is the most negative word in the metaphysical dictionary, its like these people going to play the lotto, scratch off numbers everyday with their last 20 dollars in their pockets, ya hope that you win.... by their deeds you shall know them"

Folks need to get out of this zombie mentality and if you aren’t then you surely know someone who is. We all have friends or family who ignore the news, and think it will all just go away someday. It seems more and more people just don’t want to bother assuming someone else will handle it, there are no ‘Jack Bauers’ to come to the rescue and handle it! Guess what, that someone else is going to have to be you! 

Maybe I’m wrong and clearly you, Amerika, do like and want everything that is going on........... 

    ~ BMartin1776